Profile- Vikas Saraf

Vikas Saraf

Vikas Saraf, a young entrepreneur, who completed his graduation from Hindu College studying B.A.(Hons) Economics and earned a Masters in business from University Of Wales, UK, was into the world of real estate by profession but delved into a modern age of scientific astrology, simply because of passion. He is known for his accuracy in predictions, famously called as, “Digital Age Astrologer”. Saraf’s astrological consultation is an amalgamation of both Vedic, Nadi astrology coupled with technical software’s and rational thinking. He believes that with the help of technology and detailed chart analysis we can have accurate predictions. He is on the board with a team of internationally famous & experienced astrologers.

He is a unique, new age and unconventional astrologer based in New Delhi. Apart from being well educated and highly qualified, Vikas is tech savvy, aware of the new technical advances that help in making accurate predictions, he has travelled widely and is very straightforward with a logical bent of mind. His online consultancy is exclusively available on He visits many international Indian associations for regular consultancies and guidance.

Vikas has worked on hundreds of horoscopes and was mesmerized by the accuracy of the way life unfolds events as predicted. He has never misled his clients in the name of baseless remedies. He believes in the power of GEMS to strengthen the weak planets. His predictions have helped thousands of clients across Russia, USA, India and few other countries.